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Amiti is Elincia’s personal, signature sword in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. One of House Crimea’s royal treasures, it can only be equipped by the members of the royal family (including, potentially, Renning). It was first given to her, together with her great-grandmother’s pegasus and armour, by her retainers Lucia, Geoffrey and Bastian, allowing her to join the fight starting from Chapter 26. It returns in Radiant Dawn, where it is again Elincia’s weapon of choice and is firmly locked in her inventory. Amiti has infinite uses and works like a Brave weapon, doubling the user’s attacks, also providing the wielder a bonus of +3 in DEF and RES.

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and the rest of the fe palette requests (fe6-10 and bonus chrom i guess)!!

most were fe but i did get little bits from other fandoms as well; after i finish up with some other stuff i will for sure get to those _(:3」∠)_

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Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword (“Fire Emblem”) Available on UK WiiU E-Shop

The first Fire Emblem game ever localized is now available on the WiiU eshop for UK users for only £4.40! If you’re new to the series, this is an awesome and cheap way to get into it. And if you’re not, it’s a great way to support legal distribution of older titles! 

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hi everyone have yourselves some lords with ~capes flowing dramatically~





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The collective term ‘Magic Sword' refers to a number of weapons that, unlike normal swords, possess a ranged attack and inflict magic-based damage, calculating damage based on the user's MAG and the enemy's RES. In most games, they inflict magic-based damage when used from afar but physical when used as melee weapons. Magic swords are best used against armoured units, as typically this kind of class has high DEF but low RES: however, their usefulness is hampered as sword-wielders, melee-oriented fighters, generally have a low MAG stat. Magic swords include the Runesword, the Light Brand (or Light Sword), Levin Sword, Earth Sword, Wind Sword and more. Other magic weapons include the Flame Lance and Bolt Axe.

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Fire Emblem - The Binding Blade Translation Patch Redux v0.98

It’s only been a few days since the last release, but here we are again: another major update for the unofficial translation of Roy’s game.

  • For the first time ever, the opening credit reel is now in English, thanks to tabachanker! Due to technical difficulties, earlier versions of the translation either left it in its original Japanese or just blanked it out completely, but after twelve years it’s finally been translated and works perfectly.
  • There’s a few minor but noticeable interface changes going around. Earlier versions of the patch couldn’t fit the proper text labels in the level-up box, but again thanks to tabachanker, everything’s now displaying properly as it does in the official GBA Fire Emblem releases. Similarly, space restrictions in the menus have been fixed, which means menu commands no longer have to be shortened.
  • As usual, there’s a few new typo and bug fixes for the game’s script.
  • Of course the patch isn’t quite finished just yet, as there’s still a small few unresolved interface and cosmetic details which will hopefully get fixed in future versions of the patch.
  • Spotted an error in the patch? Drop us a line! Proofreaders are always more than welcome. Seriously, we want to make this thing as good as possible.

Get the new version of the patch here!

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Otakon 2014 

Fire Emblem Photoshoot

These are great! I was Eirika with my boyfriend as the taller Ephraim! We had such a good turnout!

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Fun fact! Vulneraries are among the most recurring healing items in the series, often used to restore 10 HP and sometimes more (20 HP in Radiant Dawn, the entire HP bar in Thracia 776)

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