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Ragnell is Ike’s signature weapon in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. Blessed by the Goddess Ashera, it was originally wielded by Altina alongside its sister sword, Alondite. Both swords play an important, opposing role in the story, as Ragnell was first given to Ike by the Black Knight, Alondite’s wielder and Ike’s sworn enemy. A long, golden blade with black hilt usable only by Ike, Ragnell has infinite uses and doubles as a ranged weapon, making it a perfect choice for a swordsman whose weapon of choice generally has no ranged attack. Also appears in Awakening, carried by the swordsman Priam, as a weaker A-Rank blade with no user preference.

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Hello. I saw that for FF7 you said there is a canon gay couple. I never even heard that before, and it sounds amazing. Which two characters, if I may ask?

(I’m guessing you’re referring to this post we reblogged from calw-walker a while ago?)

Hahaha, play FE7 and you’ll find out for yourself! :D Joking aside (not really play the game it’s amazing), I have a feeling OP was talking about (SPOILERS?)

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The Brave weapons (called Hero weapons in the Japanese versions) are unique, rare and highly sought-after weapons, as they let the user strike twice instead of once per attack. This allows fast characters, who usually strike twice (before and after the enemy’s counter), to strike a good four times. In games that feature skills, this can be exploited to let the user attack 8 times (Adept skill) or up to 20 times (Trueblade skill Astra). As a result, however, Brave weapons tend to wear out quickly and are hard to find, usually available late game only, found in hard-to-reach chests, through events or dropped by bosses. The Brave series usually includes the Brave Sword, Brave Axe, Brave Lance and Brave Bow.

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The Rapier is a unique, personal weapon appearing in the majority of games in the Fire Emblem series. Rapiers are to be used solely by Lord characters (although exceptions exist) and generally first appear in the main character’s inventory. The Rapier has a number of features that set it apart from other weapons: its Critical Hit rate aside, this sword is highly effective against armoured and horseback units, a trait most other weapons at the beginning don’t have. Therefore, Rapiers are very useful at offsetting the Lord’s frailty at the start of the game. Other Rapier-like, Lord-only weapons include Mani Katti and Regal Sword (swords), Wolf Beil (axe), Reginleif and Wing Spear (lances) and Thani (light magic).

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Gatrie: Hey, that’s a great idea! Oh, but… I don’t have any money. Sorry, Shinon. Maybe some other time.
Shinon: Forget it. It’s my treat.

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Gaiden: Final Chapter map (player phase)

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Path of Radiance: Fire Emblem Theme

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since FE:Awakening didn’t make DLC of my favorite lord aka Hector I thought I’d try my hand at designing a FE13 style General!Hector in the way that the DLC is handled

Also so i can see if i can make something halfway decent out of that trainwreck of a General design

which pretty much meant ref the shit out of his original design anyway

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Fire Emblem Meetup & Photoshoot - Otakon 2014

Friday at the indoor fountains, 7 PM, followed by dinner at Edo Sushi

Since we’re now listed on the official gathering schedule, this is a definite go! Come pose, take pictures, and meet fellow fans. All are welcome, including Smash cosplayers. With FE-related guests like Yusuke Kozaki, David Vincent, and Wendee Lee in attendance, we’re hoping to pull together an awesomely huge all-series meetup. 

The shoot will be followed for anyone interested by dinner at Edo Sushi, which has agreed to host us. Please bring cash if possible!

(reblogs for signal boosts are super appreciated!)

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ok Robin’s pose in the latest screencap reminded me of something but i couldn’t quite place it but




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