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ok Robin’s pose in the latest screencap reminded me of something but i couldn’t quite place it but




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how many times do you think Lyon monologued about having no friends and no one who loved him to Knoll

i h8 u

Lyon probably name drops the twins while doing it, too.

"I wish I was more friendly and outgoing, like Eirika. Then everyone would like me, but nooooo, it comes to social situations and it’s like ‘book closed, nope no one’s going to get a peek, let these bright beautiful open books tell you their life’s story! I’ll just sit here being Finnegan’s Wake or something.”

"I actually like Joyce a lot. Some people do."

"Yeah, but you’re… Kaftka’s collected works, right? Let’s face it, no one is ever going to take us off the shelf. We’ll sit here, collecting dust together, while Ephraim’s out there being… Harry Potter. You know, over read garbage that everyone loves because he’s so fun and good and, and at least Eirika would be Tamora Pierce, like fun and nice and the kind of book you curl up with when you’re feeling down. Finnegan’s Wake? I mean who the Hell curls up with Joyce on a good day, let alone a crappy day, let alone… I mean, if you’re going to curl up with Joyce you’re going to go for the short stories, right. The ones maybe even Ephraim could get through without his head exploding at “oh noes! Words! Things I’d actually have to pay attention to without hitting anything for five minutes!” Everyone is going to curl up with Dubliners first, and even then they’ll still quail at Finnegan’s Wake because it’s about people living and people dying and people just being people and weird and uses long words, and isn’t it just a study in depression and alcoholism, anyway? They all want the easy version, and I’m not the easy version, and I’m never going to be the easy version. They want the sexy hot best seller version that’s all about wizards and stupid populast stuff. So there we’ll sit being dust buddies, Joyce and Metamorphosis. Or maybe you’re more of a Hunger Artist type. … Kaftka tried to get his best friend to burn everything, you know. Think about how much was saved for everyone because that guy didn’t do it.”

"All it took was betraying the trust of his friend. Truly a marvel of humanity."

"Put that sarcasm voice away. It would be wonderful to have a friend who believed that you had something to contribute, that you were worth something. It would be really nice to have someone like that at your side."

"You haven’t read The Dead in a while, have you?”

"Huh? No, I love that one! It’s great. Why—?"

"Oh, nothing, just a small epiphany. Do carry on."

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Here is a little something for all the FE:A fans who have been wanting to reach out and play the titles but can’t due to the insane skyrocket in prices of older titles. Here you will find a completely safe .rar bundle containing a nice starter pack for you!



  • A safe tested Game Boy Advance emulator that should run smoothly enough on all computers.
  • Fire Emblem 6: The Sword of Seals
  • Fire Emblem 7: The Sword of Fire/Rekka no Ken
  • Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones

Recommended Play Order

  1. FE8 
    Very low difficulty, short but enjoyable story (23 maps in total), amazing artwork, detailed pixel portraits, hella cute character designs!
    In an age long past… evil flooded over the land. Creatures awash in the dark tide ran wild, pushing mankind to the brink of annihilation. In its despair, mankind appealed to the heavens, and from a blinding light came hope. The Sacred Stones. These five glorious treasures held the power to dispel evil. The hero Grado and his warriors used the Sacred Stones to combat evil’s darkness. They defeated the Demon King and sealed his soul away within the stones. With the darkness imprisoned, peace returned to Magvel. But this peace would not last…
  2. FE7
    The first one to be released outside Japan! A true classic. It’s about Roy’s father (so it’s a prequel). Moderate difficulty, 3 different lords and this 3 stories to play, can be as long or as short as you want ( 32-41 maps depending on how you play), canon gay couple, cute dragons, and sexy villains of both sexes!
    Play as Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector to stop the resurrection of dragons or watch as the world is burned to a cinder!
  3. FE6
    A real challenge! Chronologically: its the sequel to FE7. Never released outside Japan so it’s fan translated! Finally you can learn Roy’s story! See all those characters in FE7 again! Cute kids with magic! Cute girls in armor! TWINS! TWINS! It’s like the children’s brigade over here! Plus you get a free bara and this hot piece of ass!
    Play as Roy and continue the story of FE7 just 15 years later and defend the Kingdom against the on coming invasion while unlocking all the secrets FE7 left behind.

Final Tip

  • Take advantage of the emulator’s save function. These games don’t have casual mode or any type of battle save so every move counts. But the emulator has a separate save option from the games that allow you to save anytime and anywhere in game! Use it! Test out different strategies if you’re in a bind and reset if it fails. Blast through maps that can take hours on your first try!
  • Trust me, you’ll need it at some point!


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one of the (many) reasons i want my old GC back is so i can play Path of Radiance over and over again like in old times

PS someone asked me to draw something from my fav FE game, soooo…..

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a succinct summary of fe7

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Ike for deadmangalaxydays

lmaoooo he looks like a creamsicle with this palette

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Preorders are NOW OPEN for:

"L.Q. : A Lon’qu Fanbook"

$20 | 40 pages | Full colour | 6 x 9” | saddle stitch | silver metallic cover featuring art by POIV.

This book features over 30 brand new illustrations by 29 artists starring Lon’qu from Fire Emblem: Awakening!

The artists are:

battlerobots! | Bitte | blue | chel | Cosumosu | cottonwings | dag

 fi | Ichi | jotheturtle | killertune | Lee | Lieu | ling | loki | Lunatic

marimo | milou | monkan | Ngo | nika | nozmo | Nyriikos | poiv  

robodumpling | Roe | Rosie | Skychair | tasobi

Preorders will run until July 2nd. After which orders will be closed. They will ship around mid July and aslo be available for non preorder purchases around the same time.

Every preorder will come with a free mini print shown below



There are also a limited number of Preorder bonus bundles!

for $25 you will get to choose one metallic acrylic Lon’qu charm from the following


These are printed on metallic acrylic! Click here to see the shimmering effect!

for $35 you will get All three charms and a Lon’qu coin pouch


Bonus charm bundles will also some with a set of Lon’qu dress up stickers!


The first 30 or so regular preorders will also some with stickers~

stock for these sets are limited. And they will not be up for sale separately after orders for the book end!


~You can preorder here~

Books will also be available for sale and pick up at AX July 3-6th. However only those who ordered bundles in advance will be able to get the charms.

Thank you so much for reading! Signal boosts are much appreciated!~

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Ephraim!! FE8

(Ah I have such a huge backlog of questions again aaaaa none of you is ignored though, I’m just extremely slow to catch up)

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hello this is lon’cool

Commissions are opening soon and this is a Waist Up sample for 25$ !!

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fireemblem-rp is doing another recruitment call!

FireEmblem-RP is a role play group that includes every game of the entire Fire Emblem series.
We strive to be a hate free/drama free group built on love, friendship, and the joys of FE and simply want to be a place where FE fans and RPers can gather, form new companions, and have fun.

Come and check us out!

Here is a list of characters our current members are hoping to see picked up as soon as possible, but please note we will be more than happy to see anyone apply for any available character! If in the event that you’d like to apply for an NPC character not listed, please don’t hesitate to message the masterlist about it.

Current List

  • Marth (FE1, 3, 11, 12)

  • Jake (FE1, 3, 11, 12)

  • Wolt (FE6)

  • Clarine (FE6)

  • Lyn (FE7)

  • Eliwood (FE7)

  • Hector (FE7)

  • Sain (FE7)

  • Kent (FE7)

  • Serra (FE7)

  • Oswin (FE7)

  • Isadora (FE7)

  • Harken (FE7)

  • Heath (FE7)

  • Ephraim (FE8)

  • L’Arachel (FE8)

  • Lyon (FE8)

  • Oscar (FE9/10)

  • Mia (FE9/10)

  • Nephenee (FE9/10)

  • Tormod (FE9/10)

  • Elincia (FE9/10)

  • Micaiah (FE10)

  • Nolan (FE10)

  • Volug (FE10)

  • Rafiel (FE10)

  • Pelleas (FE10)

  • Lissa (FE13)

  • Sully (FE13)

  • Kellam (FE13)

  • Cynthia (FE13)

  • Kjelle (FE13)

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