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Hello to our favorite silver-haired Princess

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Inktober days 8 - 14 -> Fire Emblem Characters! Tired to stay away from Awakening characters… drawn in ball point pen, copic markers, and sharpie paint pens.

They started off simple but seemed to get more detailed the later in the week it got… Click for captions!

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Sweet tablet practice with FallenZephyr’s color schemes… 

Lyndis in pallet No.86

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By the mullet of Ike!



….Now then, do you think there’s any chance at all that I wouldn’t draw that?image


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Durandal is one of Elibe’s Legendary Weapons, wielded by the Champion Roland during the Scouring, and Eliwood’s ultimate weapon. A large, heavy sword imbued with the power of flames, Eliwood and friends obtain it with the help of Athos, in their quest to put a stop to Nergal’s ambitions. Born as an instrument to help mankind kill dragons, the sword seems to awaken on its own in Eliwood’s hands, resulting in a tragic and unforeseen series of events. Later, it is sealed again in a cave in Ostia, where, twenty years later, it is retrieved by Roy and Lilina, this time appearing as a S-Ranked blade with no user preference.

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Hellooo ~

I don’t usually submit stuff like this outside of GIF form but I just reached the end of a series featuring your fandom and thought your viewers might want to see everything in one place.

Any support would be awesome, thanks! :D

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what's the source of your sidebar image? it's cute

You mean this one? It’s actually FE6 (Binding Blade/Fuuin no Tsurugi)’s official artwork :D

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I’ve got four more Smash Balls today with all the Smash characters from the Fire Emblem series; Veterans Marth and Ike and newcomers Robin and Lucina! :D

I’m really glad to see a lot of fire emblem characters in Smash 4 since the series was really underrated until awakening came out (which I played for weeks). Sad to see no Roy again though (maybe Marth has a Roy costume though, I’ve not seen all the alts).

Can’t wait to clash blades!

I am excite

Pendants by Trinket Geek:

Super Smash Ball Pendants

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i keep forgetting this still is a fire emblem blog laughs….

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Amiti is Elincia’s personal, signature sword in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. One of House Crimea’s royal treasures, it can only be equipped by the members of the royal family (including, potentially, Renning). It was first given to her, together with her great-grandmother’s pegasus and armour, by her retainers Lucia, Geoffrey and Bastian, allowing her to join the fight starting from Chapter 26. It returns in Radiant Dawn, where it is again Elincia’s weapon of choice and is firmly locked in her inventory. Amiti has infinite uses and works like a Brave weapon, doubling the user’s attacks, also providing the wielder a bonus of +3 in DEF and RES.

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and the rest of the fe palette requests (fe6-10 and bonus chrom i guess)!!

most were fe but i did get little bits from other fandoms as well; after i finish up with some other stuff i will for sure get to those _(:3」∠)_

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Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword (“Fire Emblem”) Available on UK WiiU E-Shop

The first Fire Emblem game ever localized is now available on the WiiU eshop for UK users for only £4.40! If you’re new to the series, this is an awesome and cheap way to get into it. And if you’re not, it’s a great way to support legal distribution of older titles! 

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